Icelandic Orthopaedic Society

Icelandic Orthopaedic Society

The Icelandic Orthopaedic Society was founded in 1972. The board is elected biannually which include a president, a general secretary and a cashier. The society had 41 members in the year 2010. The main mission of the society is to stimulate the cooperation and professional coworking between its members and to encourage that orthopaedics in Iceland are in accordance with best evidence based and cost benefit standards. The society participates in education of its own members and other health care workers.
The Icelandic Orthopaedic Society has on its agenda to educate and inform on various orthopaedic issues, ie   new developments in orthopaedic surgery, waiting lists status and other issues that are of common interest to orthopaedic surgeons, other health care workers and the public.

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Acta Orthopaedica, current issue
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Lithuanian Society of Orthopedics and Traumatology new member of NOF
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NOF supports and facilitates Instructional Courses of member country societies
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