Statutes of The Nordic Orthopaedic Federation

(General Assembly 13th June 2008)

§ 1 – The name of the Federation is the Nordic Orthopaedic Federation, abbreviation NOF.


The aims of the Federation are:

  • to work for cooperation between orthopaedic surgeons in Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden, concerning scientific and medical standards and development, in their field of specialization
  • to promote research, development and education in the field of orthopaedics and related topics
  • to contact other orthopaedic federations

    § 3 – MEMBERSHIP

    The organization is a federation of the national orthopaedic societies in Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden.
    Persons whose achievements have been significant for orthopaedics in the participating countries may be appointed by the Boards as honorary members. The appointment must be approved by the General Assembly. These members are exempt from paying membership fees.
    Members who are pensioners are exempt from paying membership fees.
    Members shall receive a discount on the Federation’s activities (congress registration, etc).


The language of the Federation is English.


The location of the Federation shall be decided by the Board.


1. A meeting shall be held every other year (scientific congress or other). The General Assembly shall be held at this meeting. The participating countries should take turns at arranging the meeting. If a given country cannot arrange the meeting, the next country in turn shall arrange it.
2. In the years when a congress is not arranged, The Federation may support postgraduate education courses. If possible, these shall be arranged in turn by the seven countries. The Federation may also support other courses and meeting, if approved by the Board.
3. The Federation owns the periodical, Acta Orthopaedica, which is distributed to its members. Special statutes apply to Acta Orthopaedica. These have been approved by the General Assembly of the Nordic Orthopaedic Federation.


The General Assembly is the Federation’s supreme decision-making body. A General
Assembly shall be held at each biennial meeting.
A written invitation, including the agendas for the meeting and the General Assembly stating time and location shall be sent to all members no later than one month before the meeting electronically through the National Societies or in any other way they find appropriate. The invitation shall contain information regarding the Election Committee’s suggestions for elections.
The following items shall be included in the General Assembly’s agenda:
1. The President’s report on the Board’s activities since the last General Assembly.
2. The Secretary-General’s statement on the Federation’s accounts and administration since the last General Assembly. The Federation’s accounts shall be audited by a chartered accountant before the General Meeting. The chartered accountant’s report shall be presented.
3. The President, Secretary-General and other members of the Board are released from responsibility.
4. New membership fee.
5. Election of the Chairman of the congress, as well as the time, location and main topics for the next congress. The national federation, which is given the task of arranging the congress, proposes its Chairman. Election of President, Vice-President and Secretary-General on the termination of their mandate.
6. Activity report from the Chairman of Acta Orthopaedica’s Board containing:
a. Editor’s activity report
b. The periodical financial status
c. Subscription rates
d. Appointment of the Editor
e. Election of Board members
f. Other business
7. The Secretary-General must receive questions for the agenda 14 days before the General Meeting. Each member of the Federation has one vote that is to be given personally. Decisions made by the General Assembly shall be decided by simple majority. If one member requests re-vote by secret ballot, this shall take place. When the numbers of votes are equal, the President has the casting vote.


The Board is responsible for the Federation’s activities. It consists of the President, Vice-President, Secretary-General, Chairman of the Congress for the following congress, Chairman of each of the national associations, and the Chairman of Acta Orthopaedica. The President, Vice-President and Secretary-General shall not be elected from the same country for the same mandate period.
Another member from a national federation may attend as a deputy at the Board meeting in the absence of an elected member.


1. The President shall preside over the Board Meetings.
2. The President is elected for a two year period and resigns when the congress closes. The President cannot be re-elected.
3. When necessary, the President shall be replaced by the Vice-President.


1. When necessary, the President shall be replaced by the Vice-President.
2. The Vice-President cooperates with those who arrange and run meetings and courses supported by the Federation.
3. The Vice-President is elected for a two-year period and resigns when the congress closes. The Vice-President cannot be re-elected.
4. It is expected that the Vice-President takes over as President at the end of his term of office.


1. The Secretary-General is elected for a four-year period and may be re-elected for a further two years.
2. The Secretary-General is the Federation’s manager, and as such summons the General Assembly, and writes the minutes.
3. The Secretary-General ensures that the decisions of the General Assembly and Board Meetings are executed.
4. The Secretary-General cooperates with the Chairmen of the current and forthcoming congresses.
5. The Secretary-General represents the Federation in matters concerning the Federation’s property, and in matters decided by the General Assembly and the Board.
6. The Secretary-General has the responsibility for the Federation’s joint account.
7. If the Secretary-General is prevented from carrying out his duties, the Board elects a substitute to the Board. The substitute performs the duties of the Secretary-General as long as necessary, until the next General Meeting.
8. The Secretary-General cooperates with the secretaries of the nation federations with regard to member lists and their publication.
9. The Secretary-General of the Nordic Orthopaedic Federation is also the Vice Chairman of the Board of Acta Orthopaedica.


1. The national federation shall elect the Chairman of Congress whose turn it is to arrange the congress on behalf of the national federation and Nordic Orthopaedic Federation.
2. The Chairman of Congress shall be the leader of the working party arranging the next congress.
3. The Chairman of Congress shall be elected for a two-year period and shall resign when the congress ends.


1. A Board Meeting shall be held yearly. In a year when there is a NOF congress it shall be held in connection with the congress. A Board Meeting shall also be held when the President, Secretary-General or three other members of the Board so desire.
2. The Board may establish working parties for special projects. These working parties may consist of up to seven persons and shall be employed for a maximum of two years. The projects will then be re-evaluated.
3. If voting on the Board results in an equal division of the votes, the President has the casting vote.


1. The national presidents constitute the Election Committee
2. The Election Committee makes suggestions for the election of the President, Vice- President and Secretary-General.
3. The Election Committee’s suggestions shall be stated in the invitation to the General Meeting.

§ 15 – FINANCE

1. The financial year is the same as the calendar year.
2. The Federation shall be a non-profit organization.
3. The account for joint expenses shall be under the responsibility of the Secretary- General.
4. Each national association collects a yearly membership fee on behalf of the Nordic Orthopaedic Federation. The member’s fee is fixed by the General Assembly and is paid as a nation to the Nordic Orthopaedic Federation.
5. Before every congress, the Board and the President of the national federation arranging the congress shall decide how a surplus or deficit from the forthcoming congress shall be treated.
6. The Chairman of Congress presents the final accounts to the Secretary-General no later than six months after the end of the congress.
7. Course leaders shall present the final accounts to the Secretary-General no later than three months after the course.
8. Yearly accounts for other activities that are owned or supported by the Federation should be submitted to the Secretary-General.
9. Expenses for Board members participating in the Nordic Orthopaedic Federation’s activities should be paid by the national society.
10. For countries in which the membership fees do not cover the expenses of the Board members may apply to the Federation for the deficit, to be covered.
11. Expenses of the President, Vice-President, Secretary-General and Chairman of Congress shall be paid from the Federation’s joint account.
12. Expenses of the Acta Orthopaedica’s Chairman incurred through NOF’s activities shall be paid by Acta Orthopaedica.


1. Suggestions for amendment in the Federation’s statutes should be sent to the Board no later than three months before the next General Assembly.
2. Sanction of statute amendments requires two thirds of the votes of those members taking part in the General Assembly.


1. In order to dissolve the Federation, two thirds of the votes of the members taking part in the General Assembly are required at two consecutive General Assemblies.
2. On dissolution of the Federation, the assets of the Federation shall be distributed among the nation associations according to the number of members from each country at the time of the decision.


Employee Mandate period Elected by
President 2 years General Assembly
Vice-President 2 years General Assembly
Secretary-General 4 (+2 years) General Assembly
Chairman of Congress 2 years The national federation arranging the congress
Chairman of Acta Orthopaedica Acta’s Board
Chairman of each national society Elected according to of the national societies national election rules

11th June 2008, B Møller-Madsen, NOF Secretary General