1 May 2023

NEW: ACTA Editors Report 2022

ACTA Editors Report 2022 recently published on the website

2022 was the first year without a printed Acta Orthopaedica, as costs for printing became too high compared to the income from subscriptions. Thus, 2022 consists of one issue of 937 digital pages . On January 1st a new (digital) publisher took over: Medical Journals Sweden (MJS). This report is the first made by new editor in chief Søren Overgaard.

143 articles published 

In 2022 143 articles were published out of 469 submissions, from 42 different countries, mainly from China (120), followed by The Netherlands (51), Denmark (46) and Sweden (44). In 2022 more articles were published than in former years  (100-120 yearly) due to a back-log during the transition from the previous publisher.

Categories changed

From January 2023 we have made some changes to the categories to specialty plus some extra (see ACTA website, on the righthand side).

For more interesting facts see the ACTA Editors Report 2022.
Find out more about ACTA on the NOF website.
Contact editor Søren Overgaard.

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