10 January 2022

Update NOF in 2022

A short new year report and update

In the last weeks of 2021, the covid epidemic was spinning faster than ever before. The infection rate is high, but the virus seems to have evolved to a weaker status. This epidemic has affected our planning and all our work in the NOF in the past two years.

NOF congress in Lithuania in May 2022

In spring 2020, just a few days before the planned NOF congress in Throndheim, the NOF was forced to cancel the congress. The congress had been meticulously planned by the Norwegian congress committee, but due to the increasing impact of covid cancellation was inevitable. The committee worked hard to minimize the economic loss, and a relatively small part of the total potential loss was covered by NOF funds. The decision was made to arrange the following NOF congress in Lithuania in May 2022. Needless to say, it is especially important that this congress will be a successful one and will attract a high number of attendees.

Acta Orthopaedica

The publishing company Taylor & Francis has been publishing Acta Orthopaedica for many years. In 2021 a new publishing agreement was negotiated but was subsequently cancelled after a few months by T&F. A new successful publishing agreement was negotiated with another publishing company, Medical Journals Sweden. Working with MJS is functioning smoothly and seems promising (read more).

Anders Rydholm has been editor in chief of Acta Orthopaedica for many years. He has now declared that he is leaving this post. Sören Overgaard, Li Felländer Tsai, Cecilia Rogmar and more have joined the editorial board of Acta. The NOF General Assembly in Lithuania will elect the next editor in chief.

Acta Orthopaedica is changing. The production of separate issues will stop, and new articles will be immediately available online. A new monthly Newsletter will replace the traditional Acta issue.

It seems quite clear that with the present editorial board Acta’s future looks bright.

Happy new year

I am certain that the NOF will go on after covid and will continue to prosper scientifically and socially to the benefit of its members.

I wish you all a very happy new year

Ragnar Jónsson,
President NOF

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