NOF Instructional Courses

Following the Strategic Plan of the NOF and especially in light of the goal of the Federation to promote education in the field of orthopaedics and related topics, the NOF facilitates the organisation of instructional courses of (or in collaboration with) the societies of the member countries.

Twice a year (spring and autumn) a NOF Instructional Course can be supported. If the NOF adopts the instructional course the NOF will support the PR and promotion of the instructional course. The NOF is prepared to cover an eventual deficit in the organisation of the instructional course up to a maximum of €7.500/course. The eventual profit can be split between the member country society and the local organisers.

Rules and regulations

  1. The NOF Instructional Course should be promoted as such (in combination with the NOF logo).
  2. The NOF Instructional Course has to fulfil the UEMS-EACCME quality requirements and should be accredited by UEMS-EACCME.
  3. The NOF Instructional Course is free of commercial bias (see UEMS-EACCME Guidelines for Commercial support of CME events) and has an appropriate educational approach.
  4. All members (orthopaedic surgeons and residents) of the NOF members countries can participate for a reduced fee.
  5. The NOF Instructional Course is in English.
  6. A NOF Instructional Course should preferably be organised near an airport and not in a weekend.


NOF member country societies can apply for support for an instructional course. An application can be sent in to the Secretary General, at least 4 months before the actual date of the instructional course. An application should contain a copy of the application for accreditation considered by the UEMS-EACCME , a budget plan and a blue print of the actual organisation of the course.

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